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    [09/20/2018 at 7:46pm]




    Sooo [...] I was wondering if, perhaps, some of you might be interested in possibly joining me in going to the Ren Faire in Annapolis on, say, September 29th? Since the one in town is done and I didn't get the chance to actually go because of work and everything else, I thought that would be the next best thing. So we could do the Faire during the day and maybe come back through DC and stop somewhere particularly good for dinner? It could be fun, maybe?

    Anyway. Just let me know if you'd be interested! It just [...] seems like that would be a good weekend for that kind of thing.

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    [09/20/2018 at 3:20pm]


    How has no one on here posted about the new Doctor Who trailer yet? I've watched it five times already.
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    [09/19/2018 at 7:46pm]


    My favorite time of year is almost upon us.


    Who else is excited as I am? I am legitimately thinking about hosting a viewing party for Christmas at Pemberley Manor.

    [ LIAM ]
    I have good news and I have bad news. Which one do you want first?
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    [09/19/2018 at 7:13pm]


    New character intro part deux!

    Hey everyone! It's Jach. And this lovely lass is Avery Perkins, wife to Liam. She was born and raised in Baltimore by super wealthy and well respected parents, and she moved to Dunhaven around 2016 to take the position of Director at Picasso Art Gallery. She had a whirlwind romance with Liam and the two were married within a year.

    She lives out in his farmhouse with him and the animals and they're perfectly adorable, TYVM.

    Which is good, because her alter-ego is the wooooooorst. Say hello to Cersei mfing Lannister, y'all. Like Liam with Pettigrew, Avery is very familiar with GOT and Cersei, so once she starts getting her memories, she'll be keeping her mouth SHUT TIGHT.

    Personality wise, she's very warm, bubbly, and sociable. She loves art and creativity, so expect that she goes to lots of art shows, open mic nights, and everything else in between. And she hosts a monthly Paint Night at the gallery.

    I'd really love to get some friends for her! She needs a group of lady pals for shopping and gossip and rambling about her adorable hubby.
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    [09/19/2018 at 6:38pm]


    HI FRIENDS. I cannot be tamed, so here I am with Liam Perkins aka Peter Pettigrew. I found myself wanting to play a straight up villain with an AU that could not be more different sooo.

    Liam is a Dunhaven native and is the veterinarian that runs the Dunhaven Veterinary Clinic & Wildlife Rescue. Before him, his grandfather ran the clinic and he passed it onto Liam when he graduated vet school when he and Liam's grandmother moved to Florida for retirement. He's the oldest of two children with a younger sister, his father being a History professor at the university and his mother being the owner and seamstress of Magnolia Boutique, which is in downtown Dunhaven. He's also related to the Craigs! He attended Aurelius when he was old enough and graduated in 2009; he was a decent enough student, but he had to work hard for his grades, needing tutors and a lot of extra studying to get the grades he did manage. He attended university in town, but spent his time between home and Maryland for vet school. He's been the primary vet at the clinic since spring of 2017. Around the same time he married his wife, Avery; they had a short relationship before jumping into engagement and marriage, raising some eyebrows around town. He's as head over heels for her now as he was from the day they first met.

    ALL THAT SAID. He's a super nice guy. Like, ridiculously so. It's usually the first thing people will say when they have to describe him. Beyond that, he's kind of goofy, super adores animals, and is very loyal to his friends and family. The vet clinic is located on the same land he and Avery live on. There are two barns, both of which have been converted for the clinic. The smaller is where he sees pets and it's kind of unrecognizable as a barn when you walk into it. The larger is split into two, half of which being stables where he keeps his horses and sees any larger animals that are brought in and the other half being where he keeps and wild animals that are brought in to be rescued.

    So yes! For plots, I'd love any employees at the clinic; maybe another vet or a vet tech or a receptionist or volunteers? Other than that, friends? He's friends with the AU MWPP crew, but there's always room for more.

    Oh and as a final note, he started having dreams about Peter on July 31. Nothing too huge and dramatic, just things from his childhood, but he knows the HP franchise and he knows who Peter Pettigrew is, so he's kept his mouth shut thus far and is sort of in denial over it all. So, future good times for alllll~
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    [09/19/2018 at 4:02pm]


    Hey, everyone!

    I wanted to take a second to apologize for not organizing anything for us for awhile. My plate has been a little on the full side recently, and I'm sorry to say I let it slide. I'll try to start organizing some get togethers for us more frequently again. I imagine we could all use it.

    What do you all think of getting together for a Paint Nite sometime in the next week or two? I'm also open to other suggestions if you have ideas.
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    [09/18/2018 at 11:28pm]


    instagram post! )
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    [09/18/2018 at 10:18pm]


    -- I'm going to ask her.
    -- Monday.
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    [09/18/2018 at 1:31pm]


    In the spirit of the holiday (and because I had a lot of time on my hands), the drink menu tomorrow has a distinct... pirate-y flare.

    We'll have my take on grog, which is absolutely one of a kind, and a handful of other rum-based cocktails with cool names that I'll only reveal if you show up to the bar.

    That's also where I'm breaking out my pirate talk, so don't ask. I have to practice first.
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    [09/17/2018 at 11:03pm]


    To all of you who are working hard and keeping up your families, your full time jobs and chasing what you want to be ... I see you. Even through the homework and laundry haze. You're doing good. Keep working. You can get it done, okay? I believe in you.

    [FINN + DIEGO]
    You know what you haven't mentioned to us, Finn? Family weekend at the University. I want to embarrass you in front of all your new friends.

    I wanted to see how your first semester is going. Everything shaking out like you wanted?

    Hey, you.

    Long time no talk. Anybody new join our ranks lately? How about a get together?

    I'm going to embrace this other self. Mostly.
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    [09/17/2018 at 8:49pm]


    WHO: Emilia Lyon and Kiera Malone
    WHEN: Backdated to the night of September 15
    WHERE: Malone apartment, in Kiera's bedroom
    SUMMARY: Confessions are made, kisses are shared.
    WARNINGS: None

    'Has your birthday been everything you wanted it to be, then?' )
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    [09/17/2018 at 2:23pm]


    WHO: Brynn & Jeb
    WHEN: backdated to August 30
    WHERE: Grandma's
    SUMMARY: Jeb comes bearing a gift to Brynn while she's studying, and they make an awkward realization.
    WARNINGS: Naaaah. :)

    'A Triple Decker Eggo Extravaganza sounds beautiful.' )
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    backdated to sept 14 because i was not home [09/17/2018 at 2:10pm]


    instagram )
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    [09/16/2018 at 4:19pm]


    HI FRIENDS! I'm home from my cousin's wedding (you can view the cake here, if you haven't already seen it on some form of social media ☺️) and that means my busy part of September is officially done and over with. I would really like to do some logging, since I haven't done quite as much as I like to over the summer because I've just had a lot of RL on my plate. I know that I've talked to some of you about some ideas and things we'd like to do, but if there's anything else any of you might want to do with one of my characters, please let me know! I'm up for all the things.

    Also, yesterday was the scavenger hunt during the day put on by the radio station. They had cash prizes of first prize being $2000, second prize being $1000, and third prize being $500. If you had a character that participated on their own or in a group, feel free to claim one of those prizes! First come, first serve~

    PS: Does anyone have a character that would like to be cousin types to a fellow that looks like this? Just let me knoooow
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    [09/15/2018 at 8:21am]


    instagram post! )
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    [09/13/2018 at 10:08pm]


    You heathens will be glad to know that the first Grandma's Pumpkin Pie of the season is now available while slices last. I'll keep making them through Thanksgiving. Daily availability is subject to how many people decide they want pumpkin pie for breakfast. Not guaranteed by dinner.

    With studying season back in session for all of you in school, I'm going to be really generous and run half-priced loaded fries from now until October 1st. You're welcome.

    I'm not good at talking about things that might be in any way emotional. You probably already knew that. I promised we would talk more, though, and we can. Here or in person. Whichever is better. I just needed some time to gather some of my thoughts.
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    [09/12/2018 at 9:29pm]


    WHO: Oliver Sparks & Finnley Parker
    WHEN: Thursday, August 9, 2018; Afternoon
    WHERE: Their new house!
    SUMMARY: Oliver and Finnley discuss Finnley’s role in Jonas’ life and pick a wedding date!
    WARNINGS: None!

    I don’t want there to ever be any question that this family is ours equally. )
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    [09/12/2018 at 9:09pm]


    WHO: Leo & Abby (almost)Moore
    WHEN: Saturday, August 18, 2018; Early Afternoon
    WHERE: Outside Leo’s dressing room
    SUMMARY: The soon-to-be married couple can’t handle two hours apart.
    WARNINGS: None!

    I'll see you at the end of the aisle, okay? )
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    [09/12/2018 at 8:51pm]


    WHO: Elle Marshall & Waverly Lane
    WHEN: Friday, August 31, 2018; Afternoon
    WHERE: The Pourhouse
    SUMMARY: Waverly has a dream and needs to talk to Elle about it.
    WARNINGS: Mentions of death and demons?

    Whatever happens in our dreams or in their lives, you're family now and I've got your back. )
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    [09/12/2018 at 9:09am]


    [after this]

    Hey, you.

    [...] I know I just saw you, but hey.
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